Phase One

  1. Build a strong community
  2. Successful launch of 100 Penguins
  3. Listing on strong secondary markets
  4. Solana Staking
  5. Huge Marketing Push
  6. Successful launch of the remaining 1900 Penguins
  7. Voting
  8. Marketing Push
  9. Successful launch of 2000 Apes

Phase Two

  1. Successful launch of the final 500 penguins
  2. Loyal stake holder airdrops of sweeped penguins and apes
  3. Successful launch of the final 500 apes
  4. Contests to win sweeped penguins and apes

Phase Three

  1. Merch store
  2. Continue to allow the community to run the investments and earn the investment rewards from staking!
  3. Sponsorships
  4. TBA

Wallet Doxxing

Community Investment Wallet: eWrPHmX8FMnfAdwBUo9Au8Dstwmo1zqCFBMBdHwjK42

Marketing Wallet:

Project Development Wallet:

Reserve Funds:

Royalty Breakdown:
10% Total
6% – Community Investment Wallet
2% – Project Development
2% – Reserves

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