Community First Approach

9 Member Committee and Ballet

The Committee is responsible for making wise investment decisions for the community to vote on, with each member getting to choose an investment option. Each option can only appear on the ballet once and if the Committee member feels there is no better option then is on the ballet already they can choose to not put forth an option.

The community ballet will be composed of 10 voting options, 9 from the committee, and a none option as we want to remain fair to everyone. Once an investment is chosen from the voting system, we will then have a revote on the amount of SOL/USD/ETH we invest, which will be a range of numbers depending on the community investment wallet balance. Once the vote on the amount is complete the investment transaction will then be completed

Small Voting Example:

Member 1 votes Bitcoin, Member 2 votes Solana, Member 3 feels those are the best options and chooses not to vote. With none being included in every vote for fairness to the community the vote would look like this

1. Bitcoin
2. Solana
3. None

The community investments will be visible at all times and if enough of the community is wanting to sell at that point we will trigger a vote on weather to sell that asset or not. Once the sale is executed some of the profits will be paid out to the holders and the rest will be reinvested as we build a huge portfolio!